MOOEC for Institutions

The Massive Open Online English Course (MOOEC) is a collection of free online English lessons dedicated to showcasing English learning institutions. Lessons are designed as quick English learning exercises that also provide a sample of institutions’ course offerings to prospective international learners.

English language providers worldwide are invited to contribute content for lessons. The benefits for participating institutions include:

  • Showcasing online training capability using state-of-the-art technology
  • Developing online English language capacity and networks of practice
  • Identifying suitable learners for recruitment and marketing educational services

See below for how the MOOEC can showcase your institution's offering, and contact us if you have any questions.


The MOOEC site has a number of features to help promote and showcase your institution. To keep up to date with the MOOEC and its new features, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Institution and Author Profile Pages

Institutions and lesson Authors will have their own profile pages that displays information such as where they are based, and the MOOEC lessons they offer.


Lessons are grouped by proficiency levels and functions to help learners determine which lessons are suitable for them. Lessons can include learner exercises and quizzes that help engage the learner. See below for more information.

Lesson Completion Page

After each lesson, the website will display a page that shows your institution’s details and where to go for more information about applying and enrolling.

Coming Soon
  • Profile and Lesson Admin: admin access to manage your institution and author information, as well as lesson content and learner exercises.
  • Author Community Forums: forums for lesson Authors to facilitate professional networking and provide resources for eLearning.

Interactive Activities

The MOOEC offers a number of quizzes such as multiple choice questions, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blanks and crosswords. In addition to these standard exercises, the MOOEC team have also developed other innovative apps to encourage learner engagement.

Short lessons small

This unique feature allows authors to create lessons that display audio as an image for learners so they can see the shape a sound makes and then record their own voice to try and imitate the sound.

MOOEC Explore
Short lessons small

The MOOEC Explore mobile app will allow your English lessons to be taken outside the classroom and into real world scenarios by augmenting a learners physical surroundings through their mobile device. Lesson content can be embedded into physical space using image recognition or geolocation to create an immersive experience.


Please contact us for more information about contributing to the MOOEC.
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If you already have existing lessons on the MOOEC, login to PIER Apps to view and manage the content



The intention of the MOOEC is not to replace the need for face-to-face instruction, nor do we believe that to be a feasible goal. Nevertheless, we do aspire to a more blended pedagogic model in English language learning, whereby learners can affiliate and undertake lessons with an English language centre prior and post face-to-face enrolment. Thus, through the MOOEC, when learners physically arrive at an institution, they will have already formed a substantial learning profile via online interaction and their College will be able to build on that learning in the classroom environment. The MOOEC aims to facilitate this enhanced interaction between learners and their Colleges. It is highly unlikely that any learner with the means to study in the immersive English environment at a College in an English speaking country will choose to limit their studies to online learning. However, for individuals who do not have the means to make such an investment, who do not have the financial resources or the time to travel overseas: the MOOEC will provide real benefit.